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ISD IS An orthopaedic medical device MANUFACTURER.  Our primary focus is to advance spinal surgery by utilizing cutting edge engineering and technology for each of our medical devices.

Altum Pedicle Osteotomy System
(not approved for use in the U.S.)

Elegant Solutions for Spinal Surgery

In today's healthcare environment, optimal clinical outcomes paired with maximum cost optimization is the ultimate goal. ISD is working to solve these two problems to provide patients, surgeons, and hospitals with high quality products, backed by the best science and engineering, delivered at the lowest possible cost to the consumer.  All of our products are proudly made and manufactured in the USA.  





Product Benefits

​Reduce SPD Costs

Eliminates preoperative sterilization, wrapping, and handling costs.

​Ready For Surgery

"Case-In-A-Box" - All instruments and implants are provided new, sterilized, and ready for surgery.  Increase the efficient of your OR staff by eliminating the delay of waiting for trays.  

​Reduce Risk of Cross-Contamination

​Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with our single-use, sterile instruments and implants.

​Optimized OR Turnaround

Eliminate replenishment and processing delays in between cases with our sterile, traceable kits. 


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